About Us


Continental Assortment of Biscotti

Johnny Biscuit, of Bake'n'Serve, was founded by the 'biscuiteers', who operated as European Cakes & Gelati during the nineties before establishing the company to focus on perfecting the craft of premium, delectable, continental biscuits.


From there, Johnny Biscuit has been proudly supporting the local community for the past ten years, sourcing the freshest ingredients from local producers and growers.


We currently operate on a wholesale basis, and our unique biscuit range can be found at several local stores, greengrocers and supermarkets across South Australia


Our biscuits are baked fresh daily at our factory in Hectorville. As traditionalists, our years of research, experience and technical knowledge have become our main ingredient to produce our continental range.

We believe we have cultivated a premium assortment of European-style biscuits; including almond flakes, almond bread and almond crescents, that will bring back that memory of 'that sweet moment' and have you coming back for more.


Why not enjoy and experience our fine biscuits with your next coffee:

Go ahead, have a biscuit!